Product Description

SuperCells tablets were first are produced under in Canada, under the very strict guidelines. We are confident in saying that they are the best H2 tablets available on the market.

The tablets create hydrogen gas via the reaction of magnesium to water as follows:

Mg + 2H2O => H2 + Mg(OH)2

The serving consist of elemental magnesium powder and malic and tartaric acid which acts as a catalyst to speed up the dissolving process, and dextrose which is a simple sugar that acts as a binder which holds the tablet together before it dissolves in water.

The tablets are incredibly convenient for use at home, work, at the gym or for anyone “on the go”.  Simply place a serve in 250 ml to 500ml of water. Once the tablet dissovles it will rise to the top. Then drink whilst the water is cloudy (approx the 2 min mark).

Contains 60 serves.


  • Performance: Tablets will create up to 9.0 ppm of H2 within 2-3 minutes, as the cloudiness disappears then it will reduce the amount of h2 produced.
  • Use: We recommend using 1 serving twice per day. First thing in the morning on an empty stomach is best. Then around 2-3pm.