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Chanson C3 Triple Filter replacements (One-off purchase)

//Chanson C3 Triple Filter replacements (One-off purchase)
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Chanson C3 Triple Filter replacements (One-off purchase)


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C3 cartridges – Carbon Block + GAC/KDF + Catalytic Carbon

Must be replaced every 12 months.


  • Removes lead and heavy metal ions from old plumbing
  • Address chlorine, chloramines
  • Has an activated carbon coconut shell

In stock

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Product Description

Order of installation

  1. Into C3 (clear cannsiter) Carbon Block
  2. Catalytic Carbon
  3. GAC / KDF

Important – If your filters are not replaced after 12 month they will break down and turn your water acidic.

The Chanson Water C3 Pre-Filter removes harmful contaminants such as chloramines, lead, arsenic, sulfur, pesticides and nitrates that can cause sickness and health problems over years of ingestion.

The C3 also removes the contaminants without removing healthy minerals and other important properties from the water.

Installation instructions