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Portable Vortex Generator – by President Water

//Portable Vortex Generator – by President Water
  • Port-Vgen
  • Vortex High

Portable Vortex Generator – by President Water


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Imagine for a moment, a travelling waterfall. That’s in effect what you have with the President Water Portable Vortex Generator.

Simple and highly effective device restores Natures life force energy to tap, bottled and filtered water. It will actually energise any liquid that pass through it hot or cold. Working just like a funnel.


  • More energy, sharper mental focus and improved sleep
  • Improved hydration on 30% less water
  • Unlimited water treatments
  • Improved cellular hydration with any source water
  • Increases oxygen (energy) in water
  • Great for travel
  • No parts or filters to replace
  • Will structure any liquid – tea, coffee, wine etc
  • Made in USA
  • 6 Year Manufacturer Warranty

In stock

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Product Description

The President Water Vortex generator creates soft water without removing the life-enhancing minerals like calcium and magnesium. Using Science of Nature to restore waters life giving healing energy frequencies. Spinning that water effectively reduces the surface tension and cluster size of water. This accelerates water’s ability to more quickly and easily penetrate the cell membrane bringing nutrients and energy deep inside the cell.

It will help you provide your body with one of its most essential needs – cellular hydration!

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