Your body is 70% water.

Water is your most important fuel.

  • It hydrates your skin
  • Replenishes your bodily organs
  • Feeds your brain oxygen – so you can think!

Your body craves natural water to restore and rebuild your energy. Because common water is stale, flat, and old, it doesn’t properly hydrate you. It is low in oxygen – which is energy. This leads to tiredness, lethargy, and the non-absorption of water and minerals. Can you see how water might be the missing link in your health? Real, natural water is charged with powerful minerals and life-giving oxygen that’s vital to your physical health. By drinking it, we:

  • Delay ageing
  • Absorb food nutrients better
  • Ensure more radiant skin
  • Sleep deeper
  • Enjoy good digestion
  • Experience more mental clarity
  • Improve muscle recovery
  • Increase flexibility

Water from nature contains organic acids that balance alkaline minerals. This delicate balance forms the magical formula that is perfect for your body.

Take your hydration seriously.

Filtering, structuring and enhancing water leads to better performance.

  • Filtering removes toxins and contaminants.
  • Vortex spinners replicate the way that water moves in nature – tumbling over rocks and down rivers and streams – thus reviving its natural molecular state.
  • Alkaline filters further enhance the water to make it more hydrating and energizing.

Your hydration is the fundamental factor to your health. While we have become increasingly aware of how diet and exercise can improve our general wellbeing and quality of life, the water that we drink largely remains something that we take for granted.

Our products fall into one of three categories: Filtering our toxins and impurities, reviving water’s natural molecular structure, and alkalysing the water to make it more hydrogen-rich. By taking one or more of these steps, you can realise significant improvements to your everyday health.

Easy Water Solutions offers the full range of high-quality and trusted water filters and enhancement products. We are passionate about good water, and will readily provide open and honest advice to help you get the most out of your water.

Filter and enrich your water to boost your daily performance

Our carefully selected range of products will help you get the most out of your water.

We offer high-quality Carbon, Alkaline, and Reverse Osmosis water filters that will improve the taste of your water and remove contaminants and carcinogens. But water filters are just the beginning! We also have products that will enrich your water with minerals, and water vortexes restructure the water to return it to its natural state.

Check out our range of high-end water filtration, enrichment, and structuring products.

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Easy To Drink

Find it hard to drink the right amount each day? Hydrate properly without feeling bloated when you make your water easier to drink.


Improve The Taste

If it tastes good, you drink it. Making Water taste good starts with removing the contaminants.


Make It Healthier

Did you know water picks up everything it passes? You can improve your water in hundreds of ways.



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Why does common water bloat me?

June 3rd, 2014|Comments Off on Why does common water bloat me?

You might be surprised to know that this is a totally natural reaction your body is having to common water. It never seams to happen when you are drinking from a mountain stream or spring,

  • Easy Water - The search for great water

Alkaline Water – is it all it cracked up to be?

June 3rd, 2014|Comments Off on Alkaline Water – is it all it cracked up to be?

Feeling a little like the guy in the picture about when researching water? One of the most common talked about things when it comes to water is Alkaline Water. Let’s start off by saying chances

Are you tired of trying to find the best water filter?

Does the search for a suitable water filter feel overwhelming? There are so many different options, and so much conflicting information, that it all becomes too hard. Many of our clients tell us that this not the first time they have looked at water filters. It’s really hard to find the right product for your unique situation, and so people often put water filter research into the ‘later’ or ‘too hard’ basket.

That’s where we can help: we have searched across the planet for a curated selection of the best water filters and water filtration equipment, so you don’t have to spending your precious time redoing the research.

We are passionate about high quality water.

For us at Easy Water Solutions, there is no compromise when it comes to health and water quality. There are many filters available that will just address the taste and odor in your water. These are often inexpensive, yet they don’t make the water healthy. It is really easy to neutralise chlorine (strongest taste) with a basic carbon water filter like a Brita. If you want to get serious about filtering out contaminants, then as the saying goes, “you get what you pay for”. We only sell high quality products that we know and trust, and if lower cost to what you are looking for then we are probably not your tribe.

Fresh for Life: Our 5 year Warranty Option

You have invested a quality water filter, and we obviously want you to have the best water possible ongoing. This depends upon how well you take care of your new water system. To encourage this, we have set up the “Fresh for Life” option when it comes to replacement filters.

With the “Fresh for Life” option, you will be set up in our system to receive your replacement filters automatically when they are due to be changed. This allows us to manage our inventory a little better, and we pass these savings onto you. We will also extend the warranty for the standard 1 year to 5 years for making this commitment.

Some of our filtration products

Carbon Water Filters

Alkaline Water Filters

Reverse Osmosis

Filter Replacement

Australian water conditions call for different types of Water Filters

Australia has many different water conditions, making it difficult to choose the right water filter. For example, the water soft conditions in Melbourne are far different to hard water conditions in Adelaide or Perth. If you are on rain and/or bore water, you also need a totally different water filter to those on city water. Below are some things to consider when selecting the water filter that is best for you. Feel free to [CONTACT US] with a description of your specific circumstances, requirements, and any questions that you have, and we will provide free expert advice and find the best possible options to meet your needs.

Water Pressure in Australia

Water pressure is an important issue to consider when assessing your options. We have really high water pressure in Australia compared to most other countries; in most case more than double that of other countries (around 70-90 psi). Many of the cheaper water filters on the market are not built withstand our high pressure, and often end night-time floods when the filter is under the most pressure.

Water filters for urban areas

Water filters for the city need to address hundreds of different forms of contaminants and toxicity. For example chlorine, chloramines, fluoride, heavy metals (lead from old pipes), pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and many pharmaceuticals are known carcinogens. Quality filters should address as many of these contaminants as possible. Reverse Osmosis systems remove of the most bad stuff, though they also have some drawbacks, as detailed above.

Tank Water

All of you lucky people living in the country have a different set of issues to contend with when it comes to water filters. Top of the list is bacteria caused by the water stagnant in the tanks. This tank water usually comes via your roofs so it has collected things like bird and small animal poop, dead leaves and foliage from gutters and anything else in the atmosphere that has floated by like dust, spray’s from your friendly neighbours, pollution and ash.

Tank water is that it is usually devoid of minerals as the water has been collected in an unnatural way so it hasn’t been into the ground where it would pick up those minerals. We do have a range of water filtration systems that add back some minerals to help balance the water.

Bore Water

Bore water can be very acid. If you are using this for water home we recommend that you raise the pH level with calcium phosphate to protect your plumbing, and then run the water through a reverse osmosis filter. This will strip the water of everything and then energise and re-mineralise it.

Filtration is just the beginning

While more and more people are now realising the importance of filtering their water, there are other ways that water can be improved. Vortex spinners improve the structure of water molecules so that they more closely resemble their natural state. Moreover, water can be further enriched through alkalising and additional minerals. At Easy Water Solutions, our range of products cover water filtration, structuring and enhancement, to help make your water the best that it can be.

What other water filter companies don’t tell you

We believe the most important aspect to creating great water is restoring the natural vitality that water has in nature that is missing from all tap, filter and bottled waters. To this end, we passionate about sharing our knowledge about all of the ways that water can be improved.
Other companies may be opaque or vague about their products, or they simply may not fully understand how these products work at the micro level to improve water quality. In contrast, we are always open and transparent about our products, and are enthusiastic about discussing your situation and needs, and providing information and advice to ensure that you get the most of your water.

I was completely overwhelmed by all the different options when I was looking to buy a water filtration system for both home and my office. Someone recommended I talk to Jody from Easy Water. He was incredibly helpful and knows more about water than anyone I have ever met! I have had two systems (home and office) for several years and they are exceptional. The quality and taste of the water is amazing. I have recommended Jody to many other friends and colleagues who have all thanked me for the recommendation. Impressive knowledge, great products and excellent service.

Every time I drink my beautiful filtered water I feel like I have done something really important for myself and my family! It’s very hard now to drink any other water, so I BYO my own everywhere I go!

Can’t recommend more highly!

Skye Rosenberg, Marketing Professional - Melbourne

Hydration is key to my elite athlete’s performance – finding the right solution for optimal hydration has been a complete nightmare until I met Jody from Easy Water. The improved performance I have seen in my athletes from AFL captains to Professional Boxers has been staggering. Anybody that knows me, understands that I will only deal with people who do the right thing 100% of the time. There are no second chances. Having had Jody on my team for over 6 years now I believe he is the best in the business when it comes to hydration. The insights he has shared and products we use are absolute game changers that take the athletes to next level. I can’t speak highly enough of this man and recommend him to everyone.

Ray Giles, Elite Performance Coach and Trainer - Melbourne

I knew that not drinking enough water wasn’t good for my family’s health, our water just tasted so bad it was near impossible to get down or we just didn’t drink it. That’s when my best friend put me onto Jody from Easy Water. After speaking with Jody I learnt a whole lot about water and decided to install the top of the line package. There so many improvements we have all noticed. We are all feeling great drinking lots more water, my hair and skin feel amazing, the kids  had less colds and flu’s last winter and the shower and bath water is great. Outside the lawn and garden has never looked so healthy and we are using 60% less water. If you are looking for the answer when it comes to water – you need look no further, I believe Easy Water will have a solution for you.

Nicole Barranca, Busy Working Mum – Perth

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