Easy Water – Make Healthy Simple

We found improving the quality of our family’s drinking water is the easiest and most effective improvement for our overall health.

We’d love you and your family to enjoy the benefits of outstanding water like we do. Jody, Jodie and Charlie – yes we know what that you’ve got a smile on your face and your thinking, that’s a bit strange you are both called Jod y-ie.

Easy Water is family owned and run, we consider it to be a real honour to be able invited to supply systems for your home or work place that a foundational to your health. That’s why we refuse to compromise on quality or service.

Well, since 2008 we have been exploring water, it’s properties and how it can be best improved for your health. Inspired by a friends incredible weight loss and overall health transformation, we embarked on a World Wide journey that’s developed into an International community of water lovers, enthusiasts, stewards and healers.

Making new friends and seeing their lives flourish and grow from drinking improved water is the ultimate joy.

Easy Water is family owned and run, we consider it to be a real honour to be able invited to supply systems that a foundational to your health. We refuse to compromise on quality or service.

Everyone who drinks healthier water can benefit!

Nurturing long-standing friendships with engineers, scientists, professional athletes, families and everyday water drinkers, we’ve gathered to become a close community that values sharing knowledge, education and further research.

From building a stronger, more reverent relationship with water, we have experienced, selected and created a collection of innovative highly engineered devices that purify, vortex and enhance your water to an optimal state. 

Discoveries… Thick and Fast!

From this initial moment of conception, when founder Jody Spencer was amazed to see his friend lose 83kgs from a natural water fast in just 40 days, the discoveries came – fast. The benefits of drinking natural water were so instant and so powerful that a team of avid water agents formed.

Easy Water has found its’ roots in curiosity, innovation, exploration – and helping friends.

We can’t shut up about it.

Our team has evolved from this solid basis of experiencing the benefits of drinking better water: more energy, faster muscle recovery, deeper sleep, clearer thinking and more radiant skin – to name a few. Every-one of us here are raving fans for how better water has changed our lives. Just ask us!

We’ve seen professional athletes, the elderly, pregnant mums and babies, students and people with illnesses recover and experience more energy than ever before. That’s why we can’t shut up about it!

We’re pumped to share this with you. And the good news is that all of our products are easy to use and install, so you get instant benefits – wherever you are.