Why does common water bloat me?

by Easy Water on June 03, 2018

Why does common water bloat me?

You might be surprised to know that this is a totally natural reaction your body is having to common water. It never seams to happen when you are drinking from a mountain stream or spring, right? In fact the opposite happens, you feel alive and energized. You are probably asking, what the difference?

Well it comes down to the structure of water, which is lost when water is taken from nature (tap or bottled). Nowhere is nature does water sit still or travel in straight lines. It’s always dancing.

Water molecules hang around together in groups called clusters. In nature there are around 46 molecules per cluster. When water loses it’s natural structure that blows out into the thousands, and it doesn’t make it through the stomach wall. Hence bloating. Your body will structure the water in time, but you will use a lot of energy to do so.

If you want to get a little more technical about it, science measures this something called surface tension. Different liquids have different surface tensions with alcohol having the lowest surface tension.

There are many ways to reduce the surface tension which include heating water. This should not be confused with structuring. In another blog post we will go into the difference between surface tension and structuring.