Why it's important to filter your water and more.

Back before the arrival of the Industrial Age Mother Nature had us covered with the Hydrological System. It was perfect for Natural ways of living.


Fast forward today and we nearly every part of our existence is polluted including our water. 

All life is built on the 3 legged stool of Light, Water and Magnetism so getting your water into a healthy state is paramount to you and your family achieving optimal health. 

Are you tired of trying to find the best water filter?

Does the search for a suitable water filter feel overwhelming? There are so many different options, and so much conflicting information, then it all becomes too hard. Many of our clients tell us that this not the first time they have looked at water filters. It’s really hard to find the right product for your unique situation, and so people often put water filter research into the ‘later’ or ‘too hard’ basket.

Your time is precious

We have spent thousands of hours researching water and the pros and cons of hundreds of different water devices. From Kangen Water Ionisers to Reverse Osmosis Systems and everything in between. 

That’s where we can help: we have searched across the planet for a curated selection of the best water filters and water filtration equipment, so you don’t have to spend your precious time redoing the research and 

We are passionate about high quality water. 

For us at Easy Water Solutions, there is no compromise when it comes to health and water quality. There are many filters available that will just address the taste and odor in your water. These are often inexpensive, yet they don’t make the water healthy. It is really easy to neutralise chlorine (strongest taste) with a basic carbon water filter like a Brita. If you want to get serious about filtering out contaminants, then as the saying goes, “you get what you pay for”. We only sell high quality products that we know and trust.

Filtration is just the beginning

While more and more people are now realising the importance of filtering their water, there are other ways that water can be improved. Vortex spinners improve the structure of water molecules so that they more closely resemble their natural state. Moreover, water can be further enriched through alkalising and additional minerals. At Easy Water Solutions, our range of products cover water filtration, structuring (vortex) and enhancement, to help make your water the best that it can be.

What other water filter companies don’t tell you

We believe along with filtering another important aspect to creating great water is restoring the natural vitality that water has in nature that is missing from all tap, filtered and bottled waters. Known in some circles as "Structured Water" these devices a 



we passionate about sharing our knowledge about all of the ways that water can be improved.
Other companies may be opaque or vague about their products, or they simply may not fully understand how these products work at the micro level to improve water quality. In contrast, we are always open and transparent about our products, and are enthusiastic about discussing your situation and needs, and providing information and advice to ensure that you get the most of your water.

Naturally Structured Water – Vortex

Step 1 – Do you think nature knows best? Well, all common waters including Tap, Bottled, Filtered, Ionized, Alkaline Waters have lost their natural spin state.  It’s like the difference between eating proceeded food and freshly picked fruit and vegetables…… one contains life and will add natural electrical energy to your body, the other will rob you of energy and water to be digested. Well the same goes for water.

In nature water provides energy, it tumbles, turns and dances down rivers and streams, around rocks, always moving and never travelling in a straight line. The left and right spins of the vortex provide different but equally important roles in water.

The President Water range of Vortex Generators replicate the nature’s way, spinning the water left and right introducing both electrons and protons through a process auto-ionization which sets off a cascade of beneficial events.

The chemical phenomenon is referred to as auto-ionization, wherein both positive and negative charged ions (protons / hydronium+ and electrons / hydroxide) are produced in the water. This is what allows toxic man made compounds to be broken down and reformed into naturally occur bonds such as from unhealthy sodium fluoride to healthy calcium fluoride. It’s will also break down calcium and other beneficial minerals into smaller a colloidal state for the body to use.

Surface tension is something that measures the number of water molecules per cluster, when natural energy is lost the cluster size is increased, this is what causes bloating. The water’s not in it’s natural state so will not hydrate effectivelyd. Vortexing will remedy this.

Little thought is given to the nature and dynamics of water being a substance whose behavior and efficiency is affected by its motion-state. The motion that we are addressing is more than the movement along the pipe. It is the motion-within-motion; or electron spin of each water molecule, involving both the speed of rotation and alignment. Even though water moving through a pipe would be “in motion,” the journey through the straight pipe does two things, creates friction (heat), which is centrifugal and dis-integrative in nature, hastening evaporation, and chaotic alignment.

The vortex generation event increases spin, increases implosive and centripetal (inward spin) forces on the water, simultaneously with the centrifugal (outward spin) forces to increase electrical energy which holds water’s integrity. Alot like  a spinning top will defy the force of gravity, this is no longer possible when its velocity (angular momentum) has expired.

This energising force is scalable like all things in nature. Your DNA, ocean waves, cyclones, hurricanes and the milky way are all versions of vortex in motion. This is the foundation of all life and hence is the foundation to creating great water.

Benefits of Vortexing

  • Faster Hydration
  • Less water required – approx 30% 
  • No bloating
  • Softer skin and hair
  • Tastes smoother
  • Adds electrons and protons
  • Destroys chemical bonds ie Chlorine, Fluoride
  • Adds oxygen
  • Improved plant growth
  • Scale build up reduced or eliminated
  • and much much more

The structure of water is how it’s molecules are organized, when ordered in a crystalline state water can perform it’s work make easier. What exactly does water do? Well without going into it too deep here water is involved in passing of information, boosting biological signals, and taking one energy form and turning it into another in other words it a transducer.

Another import reason to vortex your water is that even when you have filtered out the contaminants the negative energetic pattern remains. Vortexing the water will remedy this issue.

We believe vortexing probably the most important part the of the process in creating great water.

Filtering – Removing toxins

If it tastes good, you drink it.

Step 2 – Making water taste great starts with removing the contaminants that nature didn’t put there. Filtering not only improves the taste but is also part of making it healthier for you.

Today, there are literally thousands pollutants in your water supply and many of these are not tested for. Herbicide, Pesticides, Pharmaceuticals, Heavy Metals, Fluoride, Chlorine are but a few to name.

Making water taste ok is not that difficult, carbon filters address chlorine and sometimes chloramines (when chlorine is mixed with ammonia) but it doesn’t really address the really hard to remove contaminants like fluoride.

Physically removing the contaminants from water is done by a range of different media – carbon, ceramic, KDF, Nano fibres and Reverse Osmosis membranes to mention just a few.

Whatever you form of filtration you choose there are three principles to how they work.

Physical size – Absorption – Exchange

Physical size

The particles in water make up something called Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) and obviously come in different sizes.

In the water industry these are measured in something call Mircon’s. To give you a little context to understand what sizes we are talking about 1 human hair is about 40-90 mircons.

1 Micron = 1 Thousandth of a MillFilterimeter.

1 Micron = 39 Millionth of an Inch (0.000039)

So when a product is rated 1 mircon it will catch any contaminant that is larger that 1 mircon. If it is smaller then it will pass on through.

Ratings usually start at 20 micron for whole home systems all the way down to .0001 mircon for Reverse osmosis membranes. Most standard water systems that use a carbon block are 0.5 to 5 mircons.

Filters – The major benefit of filtering is it greatly improves the taste of the water and it leaves the beneficial minerals intact, however it often doesn’t address some of the very small and difficult to remove nasties.

Reverse osmosis – Long recognized best way to get cleanest drinking water, it works by pushing water through a membrane under pressure so very few of the physical contaminants can make it through. There are a couple of down sides -first off most of the beneficial minerals are also washed away. Second it wastes a lot of water. Around 4 litres or one gallon for every litre or quart made.

Fortunately there is so newish technology around that will dramatically reduces the amount of wastage by about 80% we now have this is technology in the Easy Elite System.


Pollutants in water are trapped in a chemical by the structure of the media.

When it comes to removing contaminants through absorption, carbon is the first port of call. One pound (450g) has approx 100 acres or 40 hectares of surface a area making it very efficient and effective at trapping things like Chlorine.

You will find that there is always a carbon filter before a membrane to neutralize the chlorine and chloramine as they will damage membrane if not removed.

There are other ways of cleaning water as well, these include such thing ion exchange, reduction and oxidation which are more applicable to commercial applications.

Attribute-on-iconAs an easy guide look for how many dark grey dots are on the product you are looking at, this is quickest way to assess of the level of filtration.

Enhancing – Make it Healthier

Step 3 - You might be thinking how is it possible to make water healthier, especially after it’s been properly cleaned (filtered) and had the natural structure put back.

It’s because water picks up whatever it goes past, through or near. So by running it over beneficial minerals, rocks and media that give off life enhancing frequencies the water can be improved. Alkalising and turning it into an antioxidant water is just the beginning when it comes to water. We are in the process of putting a video series together currently that will explore more option.

The great thing is that is no upside to how much you enhance water, the more the better, you can’t overdo it.

Around the world there are springs that people believe to be healing springs, these spring almost one uniform quality, the water contains molecular hydrogen. This is a powerful antioxidant and it is also what powers your cells. Our Easy Elite SystemsBluezone Family and  Easy Alkaline create this amazing hydrogen rich water.

There are many published studies showing the benefits of molecular hydrogen,
If you wish to know more you can see them at http://www.molecularhydrogeninstitute.com/studies/

Join us in the journey of discovering how to enhance your water further in the blog section.