Naturally Structured Water – Vortex

Step 1 –

Do you think nature knows best? Well, all common waters including Tap, Bottled, Filtered, Ionized, Alkaline Waters have lost their natural spin state.  It’s like the difference between eating proceeded food and freshly picked fruit and vegetables…… one contains life and will add natural electrical energy to your body, the other will rob you of energy and water to be digested. Well the same goes for water.

In nature water provides energy, it tumbles, turns and dances down rivers and streams, around rocks, always moving and never travelling in a straight line. The left and right spins of the vortex provide different but equally important roles in water.

The President Water range of Vortex Generators replicate the nature’s way, spinning the water left and right introducing both electrons and protons through a process auto-ionization which sets off a cascade of beneficial events.

The chemical phenomenon is referred to as auto-ionization, wherein both positive and negative charged ions (protons / hydronium+ and electrons / hydroxide) are produced in the water. This is what allows toxic man made compounds to be broken down and reformed into naturally occur bonds such as from unhealthy sodium fluoride to healthy calcium fluoride. It’s will also break down calcium and other beneficial minerals into smaller a colloidal state for the body to use.

Surface tension is something that measures the number of water molecules per cluster, when natural energy is lost the cluster size is increased, this is what causes bloating. The water’s not in it’s natural state so will not hydrate effectivelyd. Vortexing will remedy this.

Little thought is given to the nature and dynamics of water being a substance whose behavior and efficiency is affected by its motion-state. The motion that we are addressing is more than the movement along the pipe. It is the motion-within-motion; or electron spin of each water molecule, involving both the speed of rotation and alignment. Even though water moving through a pipe would be “in motion,” the journey through the straight pipe does two things, creates friction (heat), which is centrifugal and dis-integrative in nature, hastening evaporation, and chaotic alignment.

The vortex generation event increases spin, increases implosive and centripetal (inward spin) forces on the water, simultaneously with the centrifugal (outward spin) forces to increase electrical energy which holds water’s integrity. Alot like  a spinning top will defy the force of gravity, this is no longer possible when its velocity (angular momentum) has expired.

This energising force is scalable like all things in nature. Your DNA, ocean waves, cyclones, hurricanes and the milky way are all versions of vortex in motion. This is the foundation of all life and hence is the foundation to creating great water.

Benefits of Vortexing

  • Faster Hydration
  • Less water required – approx 30% 
  • No bloating
  • Softer skin and hair
  • Tastes smoother
  • Adds electrons and protons
  • Destroys chemical bonds ie Chlorine, Fluoride
  • Adds oxygen
  • Improved plant growth
  • Scale build up reduced or eliminated
  • and much much more

The structure of water is how it’s molecules are organized, when ordered in a crystalline state water can perform it’s work make easier. What exactly does water do? Well without going into it too deep here water is involved in passing of information, boosting biological signals, and taking one energy form and turning it into another in other words it a transducer.

Another import reason to vortex your water is that even when you have filtered out the contaminants the negative energetic pattern remains. Vortexing the water will remedy this issue.

We believe vortexing probably the most important part the of the process in creating great water.