Whole Home Triple Water Filter plus Raimmaker Vortex Unit

    Whole Home Triple Water Filter plus Raimmaker Vortex Unit

    $4,199.00 $5,199.00

      Perfect for City Water. Cleaned Plus Energised.

      Whole home/office water filter Wall mounted bracket, dual housing systems to cater for larger flow applications with the added life force energy a Rainmaker Vortex (Rose Quartz)device brings to your water.

      This filtration system is perfect for most city conditions - addressing chlorine, chloramines, heavy metals, dirt, rust and chemicals compounds. 

      Step 1 - Sediment - Radial Flow 50mircon down to 5 Mircon, this allows the sediment to be caught in layers to prevent blockage and sediment from clogging or damaging more sensitive and fine filters downstream.

      A sediment water filter is designed to remove solid particles and debris from water.

      These particles can include:

      1. Sand
      2. Silt
      3. Dirt
      4. Rust
      5. Sediment
      6. Particulate matter
      7. Turbidity (cloudiness)

      This sediment water filter consists of a porous medium pleated fabric, with small pores that trap and retain these solid particles as water passes through. Removing sediment from water not only improves water clarity but also helps protect plumbing, appliances, and other water treatment equipment from damage and clogging.

      Step 2 - CTO (Chlorine, Taste and Odor) 5 Mircon,

      CTO filters are designed to remove chlorine, improve the taste, and reduce any unpleasant odors in water. How however they have a limited ability to address chloramines.

      Step 3 - CRFC (Chloramine Radial Flow Cartridge)

      Most water suppliers are now gassing chlorine with ammonia to address trihalomethyane's (known carcinogens). the issue is regular carbon filters take out the chlorine component and leave the ammonia in the water.

      Step 4 - Vortex Generator

      Adding a vortex device to your water filter has many benefits

      • Gives your water the natural energy of a spring or creek
      • Improved Skin, Hair and Nails
      • Smoother taste over filter alone 
      • No need for a water softner
      • Reduces the cost of heating water
      • 20-50% Reduction of water needed from lawn and garden
      • Reduction / Elimination of scale - giving longer life to all appliances

      Big Big V Big White Filter Housings 

      If you are looking for quality without issues then you are looking for Big White.

      Whilst the industry Standard is Big Blue, Big White came to life to improve some of the lacking features of Big Blue especially import with HIGH water pressure in Australia.

        What the designers at Big White have done is

                            -  Strengthen of the housing under pressure

                            -  Changing the o-ring seal to a flat seal that doesn’t catch or

                               have issues with pinching as often found with Big Blues.

      Pinched o-rings can cause you to be without water for the entire house if you don’t have a system bypass installed - more on that down the page.

      Big Blue Housings are manufactured in China, whilst Big White come from Mexico.

      Why you should have High Quality Pressure Gauges?

      Water quality can change depending where you live in a street. None of us know if we are at the end of a supply line or at a section of the supply line that may cause you to get more contaminants (dirt, rust, etc) than even your neighbour.

      If you choose a system that does not include gauges you are asking for trouble. Gauges allow you to analyse the flow rate entering and through the different cartridges to work out what size filters you might need to adjust too in the event of contaminants clogging of your filters. If you don’t have gauges, you have zero chance of working this out. It may cost you more in the beginning or a small fortune replacement cartridges in the long run not to have gauges. Like the housings we offer, there are always cheaper options. We believe however there should never be short cuts with water. After Light, Water and Magnetism is what all life is built on, so why would you build on an average foundation?

      We don’t offer systems without gauges as we don’t want you to suffer in the event of issues.

      Make Sure you have a system by-pass!

      In the rare case of issue with your whole home filter or fire we highly recommend that you have your plumber install a system by-pass. (As pictured) There is only one thing worse that average water, no water at all. The install image below dual system your system will have 3 housing.


      If you are a pool owner then we recommend you by pass the enhancement system when filling the pool from scratch to conserve the filter life.

      Having smaller sediment filter greatly reduces the chance of flow restriction.

      • All housings are manufactured of durable polypropylene.
      • 0 – 600 kPa pressure gauges for monitoring the condition of the filter cartridges.
      • Maximum Inlet Pressure: 600 kPa ( 87 PSI ).
      • Maximum Inlet Temperature: 51° Celsius.


      • Do not use filter cartridges with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before or after the system.
      • The granular activated cartridges will contain a small amount of carbon fines and should be flushed before using to remove all traces of the carbon.
      • A 550-600 kPa pressure limiting valve should be installed prior to any of the above filter systems. It is also recommended that a filter bypass be installed.


      100% Happy or your money back. Nobody likes a bad experience and so we offer a 100% money back guarantee, NO QUESTIONS ASKED on all water filters systems purchased. Just return your purchase within 90 days for full refund. 

      This offer does not apply to water filter replacements cartridges. 

      Fresh for Life: Get a 5-year Extended Warranty

      When you have invested in your health by purchasing a high-quality water filter, we obviously want you to have the best water possible ongoing. This depends on how well you take care of your new water system. To encourage this, we have set up the “Fresh for Life” to take the headache out of keeping your system in top shape. 

      With the “ Fresh for Life” Option, you will be set up in our system, to receive your replacement filters automatically when they are due to be changed. As a “Thank you” we will also extend the industry standard 1 Year Warranty on Parts to 5 Years. 

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      Do your filters remove fluoride?

      Most of our filters do remove fluoride, different units remove various levels from 92% to 100% – we believe zero fluoride is the right amount to have in the water.

      Do I need to change the filters and how often?

      Yes, from the time water first runs through it you must replace the filters at least every 12 months. The Easy Elite System has specific requirements with filter chances ranging between 6 months and 3 years for the membrane.

      What pH is the water produced by your Alkaline Filters?

      9.0 to 9.5pH

      What is inside your Alkaline Filters?

      Coral Calcium, Magnesium, Tourmaline, Far Infa Red, Ceramic’s, ORP Ceramic (Oxidation reduction potential) and magnets.

      How long does delivery take?

      Most of our products ship from the Sydney area, via TNT Courier or Express Post depending on whats ordered.  Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbanecan expect delivery in 1-2 days. Whole home vortex devices ship from WA so allow 5-7 days.

      What does it cost to change filters?

      It varies from system to system – please check specifications  for each product.

      Do I need a plumber to install the my water filter?

      By law in Australia any plumbing alterations need to be done by a registered plumber. We recommend you follow the rules.

      What should it cost to install my water filter?

      There are a few factors involved, every installation is unique.

      • Hourly rate of your plumber
      • Difficulty of get access to water, current plumbing set up
      • Do you have a marble or granite bench that needs to be drilled 

      As a rough guide.

      • The Easy Elite System takes around 1.5 hours to install
      • Wholehome filter and vortex together approx 2 hours.
      • Undersink filters – 1 hour